Jaamiah Masjid – Klerksdorp

The Masjid in Town, Namely Klerksdorp Jaamiah Masjid was builtin 1923 and is 95 years old (as of 2018). It is considered a heritage site as a structure, hence it must remain as is. In 2007 the Eastern Style Masjid underwent refurbishment with new ablution, aircons and such.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Street
Klerksdorp CBD

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Majid-us-Salaam – Manzil Park

The Masjid in Manzil Park, The Masjid-us-Salaam Masjid is around 51 years old and recently underwent refurbishment which was completed in June 2015. The upgrade includes Modernisation, New Ladies prayer areas, ablution and Ghusl facilities, upgrading of the Roof and Floor.

Jassat Street
Manzil Park

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